CODE MobProgs

From: David Klasinc (
Date: 01/03/97


 I've installed mobprogs patch that I found on CircleMUD FTP site...
After few patches and fiddling with the patch to work with my code I
finnaly got it to actually compile... And it worked... At least I
thougth it worked, but act_prog actually won't work... After researching
and digging in the code I noticed that act_prog just waits for the
string, which is send to user by act(), to be processed, so far so good.
But funny act() is sending messages to the descriptor and mobs don't
have descriptors... Everything works fine if I switch to the mob with an
immortal...  then act is actually sent to the mob and prog is
executed... What to do!?

Any help will be appriciated... Oh, BTW I'm using modified Circle
3.0bpl11... :)

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