From: Dragon MUD Administration (reddragon@greatbasin.com)
Date: 01/03/97

I recently imped hometowns on my mud, using the code available from the
snippets site.  The four rooms available as 'home' rooms on my are
numbered 19200, 8871, 3001, and 5509.  Unfortunatley, the hometown code
will only work with rooms 8860 and 0. When 'set soandso hometown 1 or 2'
is used, they are sent off to the end of a dock (8860).  When 3 or 4 is
used, they end up in room 0, the Welcome Centre.  I have reviewed the
code and found no problems, although there obviously is one.  Does
anyone have an idea what could be causing this type of problem?
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