[Races]variable length records??

From: Wyatt Bode (bode@juncol.juniata.edu)
Date: 01/04/97

Hello all,
I am at a bit of a dilemna about coding new races in a MUD based on the
CircleMUD package.  The theme of my MUD is the White Wolf (tm) World of
Darkness role playing system, and each of the distinct character types
have different characteristics.  For example, a vampire has a blood
pool, humanity rating, and so on, while a werewolf has rage, gnosis
(like mana), and renown (like exp.).  The problem is, how can I save
these differently sized fields in the player file?  I know how to use
them as void pointers in the game, but I can't figure out how to tell
the MUD to load these records.  Any ideas?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance....

							-- Wyatt Bode
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