From: Jorgen Sigvardsson (
Date: 01/04/97

Daniel Koepke wrote:
> As someone who loves to use linked lists (heh), I personally got
> a bit aggitated at needing the 'temp' variable.  So, I set out
> for a way to have REMOVE_FROM_LIST() completely self-contained
> without relying on C++.  And wouldn't you know?  I found a method
> using a GCC extension of 'typedef' [that I managed to discover
> with faulty code]...


> Your thoughts?

Sounds great to me! But I'm wondering, is this typedef-'feature'
implemented in any other C-compiler? As far as I can recollect, that is
not ANSI C. Do you have to give the compiler a flag in order to make
this work? Like -fadvanced_typedef? The reason I ask this is that
I'm probably gonna run the 'final' version of the mud I'm workin on,
on a Solaris 2.5 with Suns Pro-compiler-something-C/C++-package.

// Zigg

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