Re: Way to Run Circle on dos

From: Jorgen Sigvardsson (
Date: 01/04/97

Joshua L Morris wrote:
> I have Moved it Over to to my Other computer witch Has Win95 installed on
> it....
> I also Relized that I would need Vissule C to Run it.  One Porgram that I
> don't.....
> If I was wandering can I use another compiler on it?

You can compile it with Borland C++ 5.0, if you do something about
all the unused variables. I'm talking about ACMD that defines a lot
of variables that sometimes isn't used. The amount of warningmessages
exceeds 500 which is equal to an error in Borland. I've tried to
turn of warnings, raised the 'n warnings = error' limit and stuff but
with no luck. Is there any solutions to it? I tried to include #pragma 
argsused in the ACMD define, but the preprocessor pukes on me when I do 
that. :( So I had to paste in #pragma argsused before very
ACMD/ASPELL/SPECIAL function wich took some time. 

Does anyone have any good solution to the problem?

// Zigg
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