Re: Easy-colour bug/quirk

From: Nic Suzor (
Date: 01/04/97

At 11:37 AM 1/5/97 +1100, DJ Pure wrote:
>and the players text RED will be in bold red. Now. How can this be disabled
>to NON imms ???

not really sure about this, but you could try this:

in comm.c:
  /* add the extra CRLF if the person isn't in compact mode */
  if (!t->connected && t->character && !PRF_FLAGGED(t->character,
    strcat(i + 2, "\r\n");

  if (t->character)
    proc_color(i, (clr(t->character, C_NRM)));

   * now, send the output.  If this is an 'interruption', use the prepended
   * CRLF, otherwise send the straight output sans CRLF.

coulnt you change the proc_color to:

if (t->character && GET_LEVEL(t->character) > LVL_GOD)
  proc_color() ?

just a thought, i dont know if this will work...

Nic Suzor
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