[code] do_who and teleporter rooms

From: Pheonix (agrant@negia.net)
Date: 01/05/97

Ok.. 2 things:
(1) I want to make the do_who (I am using Daniel's) so that it arranges
players (and imms) by level that way I will have something like:
[50 mu el] Person
[41 wa gi] AnotherPerson
[20 cl hu] YetAnotherPerson
[12 wa dw] AndTheLastPerson

arranged by level from greatest to least. How would I do that?
P/S This would be a great upgrade to Daniel's do_who

(2) I (And i know many others too) can't get the room teleporters to
work. To compile. If any of you had problems with it please tell me what
you did to fix them.

Thanks is advance (CircleMUD mailing list message)

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