From: Elric of Melnibonč (elric@melnibone.org)
Date: 01/05/97

Simple question, I am in the process of adding races to my mud. And I am
trying to figure out the easiest way to give a race infravision.  I have
looked at the docs available at ftp.circlemud.org and have this question:

in class.c where I add 
    case RACE_ELF:

would making the next line in the case statment read
            af[0].bitvector = AFF_INFRAVISION;

cause the character to have infravision from the get go?

then in magic.c add a condition to the mag_affects so that the sell
infravision cannot be cast on elves (this being so that if the spell is
cast on them, when it expires the flag is not removed)

If you feel you must flame me for my ignorance, please do so to my email
address, not the list.

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