[newbie] Vnum mob <name> crashing game

From: Nic Suzor (suzor@bluesky.net.au)
Date: 01/06/97

hi all,

I have come accross a weird bug...

for some reason, when i type 'vnum mob <name>', where name is the name of
any mobile, the game crashes. it works fine for objects, but crashes on
mobiles. i have no idea why it does this. As far as i know, i have not
changed anything in the vnum commands, and the only new thing to the mob
structure is mobprogs.

i have looked through the vnum command, and cant see anything that would
cause a crash. If anyone can see what i missed, please tell me


Nic Suzor

here is my vnum command:

  two_arguments(argument, buf, buf2);
  if (!*buf || !*buf2 || (!is_abbrev(buf, "mob") && !is_abbrev(buf, "obj"))) {
    send_to_char("Usage: vnum { obj | mob } <name>\r\n", ch);
  if (is_abbrev(buf, "mob"))
    if (!vnum_mobile(buf2, ch))
      send_to_char("No mobiles by that name.\r\n", ch);
  if (is_abbrev(buf, "obj"))
    if (!vnum_object(buf2, ch))
      send_to_char("No objects by that name.\r\n", ch);

int vnum_mobile(char *searchname, struct char_data * ch)
  int nr, found = 0;

  for (nr = 0; nr <= top_of_mobt; nr++) {
    if (isname(searchname, mob_proto[nr].player.name)) {
      sprintf(buf, "%3d. [%5d] %s\r\n", ++found,
      send_to_char(buf, ch);

  return (found);

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