A word of thanks....

From: Dan Johnson (danpatti@dreamscape.com)
Date: 01/07/97

Hi everyone...

I just want to take a minute to thanks all the people on the list who 
really give it their all to help.

One person in particular is Daniel Koepke.
Almost every day he has an average of five to ten messages helping 
people with their code and other problems. He doesn't have to do this, 
but he does. And some of the problems he answers takes a lot of time to 
solve. Well, He has helped me I know, and a lot of you, and I hope I 
speak for all to say thanks Dan.

I am not forgetting all the others who help out, I just wanted to thank 
Dan for all his good deeds, he deserves it.

I thank all of you out there who put forth your effort into making this 
mailing list worth while. I know sometimes stuff comes along that we 
don't want to read, but for the most part I think this mailing list is 

Just wanted to put in my two cents.

Dan Johnson
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