From: Brian Michael Langenfeld (00206205@bigred.unl.edu)
Date: 01/07/97

Heya all!

   I've recently been trying to implement a new eq slot, <deity sigil>.  
This was not a problem; the problem was making the sigils non-removable.  
I've tried restricting do_remove when a player attempts to use it on the 
sigil.. and then I thought about it for a minute.  How can a sigil be 
considered a physical object, since it is just a brand or tattoo?
   Now I've decided to go for making the sigil implementor 
given/removable only, but have no idea where to start this off.  I need 
to retain the <deity sigil> eq slot _look_, but I think I need 3 things:

1)  Code that will not allow players to remove the sigil
2)  A command that will load the sigil directly into the player's <deity 
    sigil> equipment slot (wiz command)
3)  A command that will remove the sigil directly from the player's
    <deity sigil> equipment slot (wiz command again)

   I might be able to figure this out myself in time, but any suggestions 
or pointers would be greatly appreciated anyway. :)  Thanks!


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