Re: [Misc.]Different "planes"

From: doppsoft (
Date: 01/09/97

>All I did was make two new macros in utils.h, and add them to the CAN_SEE
>and CAN_SEE_OBJ macros (MORT_CAN_SEE and MORT_CAN_SEE_OBJ in your case,
>unless you don't even want imms to see into the other plane). Your macros
>would probably look something like this:
>#PLANE_OK(sub, obj) ((PLR_FLAGGED((sub), PLR_SPIRIT) && \
>  PLR_FLAGGED((obj), PLR_SPIRIT)) || (PLR_FLAGGED((sub), PLR_REAL) && \
>One small problem though.  Mobs don't have player flags, so this won't
>work as is.  I suppose you could either make them AFF flags, or add a new
>bitvector in the char_data structure that will be common to mobs and

Actually, that is EXACTLY what I did, was make the whole thing AFF flags. 
 I did a shadow realm, and it was like that.  Another thing you may want 
to do is that if players may see into, but not affect, the other realm 
(peer into spirit spell type deal) You might also want to make a 
CAN_INTERACT(sub, obj) macro too.  This is especially useful if you want 
mobs that can attack players, but not be attacked back.  >:)
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