Need a Trusted Coder
Date: 01/09/97

Look i am not going to flame anyone but i need a dependable, trustable 
Coder for my mud....Some coders have their own mud and want to take over
mine well it ain't gonna happen, and some coders want to plant non-existent
bugs to make head coder and the  when they are found out they threatin to
black list me and kill my mud well that ain't gonna happen cause i let my
decide weither they want to play on my is a shame that a coder has no
life and has to do this stuff to someone but it ain't gonna happen.. I will  not
name the names of the coders i am refering to because they know how they are..
Anyways if you are a good coder and want to code e-mail me 

Draven at 4000 it is my Rom mud but i need a coder for
Ankh if you love Isis

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