Re: Need a Trusted Coder

From: The Riddler (
Date: 01/09/97

OK not to flame or anything but do not trust this man...

He has brought in 3 coders already ... all have helped him plenty but he
goes over your head many times and the password changes many times a day! 
he pwipes at leat 5 times a week! and he has no clue on how to run a mud...
I know that raf had tried to help him  he deleted him... another
player/coder helped him  he didnt trust him  deleted him and he did the
same with me.. he will just pass on from coder to coder.. he has done this
many times. also he runs a ROM yet doesnt know how to use it! also the
circle mud i brought it up and i coded in a lot for him...  please delete
it all Hades/ or what ever you want to go as now!

oh well sorry to bother all of you but this man is a lyer and a theif he
will do anything to get people... thanks

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> To:
> Subject:  Need a Trusted Coder
> Date: Thursday, January 09, 1997 11:39 PM
> Look i am not going to flame anyone but i need a dependable, trustable 
> Coder for my mud....Some coders have their own mud and want to take over
> mine well it ain't gonna happen, and some coders want to plant
> bugs to make head coder and the  when they are found out they threatin to
> black list me and kill my mud well that ain't gonna happen cause i let my
> players 
> decide weither they want to play on my is a shame that a coder
has no
> life and has to do this stuff to someone but it ain't gonna happen.. I
will  not
> name the names of the coders i am refering to because they know how they
> Anyways if you are a good coder and want to code e-mail me 
> Draven at 4000 it is my Rom mud but i need a coder
> Circle.
> Ankh if you love Isis
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