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Date: 01/10/97

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I`ve  succeessfully implemented  Circle 3  p11 on  a PowerPC  Mac-clone         
running    Tenon`s   (see   full    BSD   UNIX         
OS. It is working just great with zero need for any OS specific patches.        

Is anyone  else running or  thinking of  running Circle on  a Macintosh         

PLATFORM SPECIFICS:                                                             

UMAX Pulsar                                                                     
2 - 225MHz 604e Processors                                                      
1MB L2 cache                                                                    
128MB RAM (256MB by end of January)                                             
4GB 8ms Hard Drive (for the MUD) on internal SCSI-2 bus                         
2GB 8ms Hard Drive (for others) on external SCSI-2 bus                          

OPERATING SYSTEMS:                                                              

MacOS 7.5.5                                                                     
MachTen 4.0.3 BSD UNIX                                                          

I  can  run  both  OS`s  simultaneously but  have  opted  to  run  UNIX         
exclusively. In  addition, the UNIX OS  is loaded into a  60MB RAM Disk         
which makes for a lightning fast environment.                                   

DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT:                                                        
GNU GCC, ADA and Fortran compilers and libraries.                               

Mike Levine - Manager, Information Technology - Ford Motor UK                   
EMAIL: <--- work                                           

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