From: Iain E. Davis (
Date: 01/10/97

>> It was a sort of help file, on how to make socials in the mud. If any1 has
>> a copy, can they plz forward it to me, as I seem to have misplaced it:(
>B...but, there's a socials.doc in CircleMUD.  I'm not imagining it!
>Look in doc/ ... I just know it's there...

Daniel, (and anyone else that might care)
*chuckle*.  Just so you know...the socials.doc does not cover the $p $n (etc...)
subs.  It simply says something along the lines of "Refer to the
documentation of the act() function.  However it doesn't tell you where to
look (it's in comm.doc in the old-docs directorry (at least that's where it
is in circle3.0bpl11 release))


Valelle, hamma sam manta a' Amali Mel -- |Valelle, gatinema lacristav
Va dalra morair, olysista Air;           |  celiga tulis latu daliga Celarí;
Va dalra wita, olysista ril fea a' dixa; |Doniga, latu daliga donema;
Roil va dalra atin, olysista emiph;      |Airiga, latu daliga airrí;
Va dalra orat, olysista dei;             |Est dalra ciet zam-pervíkň reil
Va dalra igul, olysista novu;            |  posisra;
Va dalra gull, olysista ollu;            |Dalra ciet hucíkň reil hucisra;
Va dalra m'sil, olysista sil;            |Dalra ciet províkň reil m'pelisra
Va dalra colun, olysista rellin;         |  fa' anale ael.
                                Goma Francis' onora
				--kathra ciet Feaelin Moilar ap Windar.

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