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Date: 01/10/97

> > (etc...) subs.  It simply says something along the lines of "Refer to
> > the documentation of the act() function.  However it doesn't tell you
> > where to look (it's in comm.doc in the old-docs directorry (at least
> > that's where it is in circle3.0bpl11 release))
> > 
> Am I the only one who ever reads all the documentation?

	Seems like it, eh?  :)  Well, just to make sure everything's
covered, here's a piece from this mailing list, circa Nov 96.  Before
ya ask, no I don't have every posting saved, just a few of the more
useful ones dating to last Oct or so.  Here ya go....


act(string to send, hide if first person is invisible, first person,
	object, second person or object, targets to send to)

$n = Name of *ch
$N = Name of *vict
$m = him/her of *ch
$M = him/her of *vict
$s = his/her of *ch
$S = his/her of *vict
$e = he/she of *ch
$E = he/she of *vict
$o = first alias of *obj
$O = first alias of *vict (if object)
$a = a/an of *obj
$A = a/an of *vict (if object)
$T = looks like a string dump of the value of *vict_obj
$F = looks like the function name of the object

last two I'm guessing at what they look like in the code

George Greer (and about 6 others)


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