[Code] Oasis OLC

From: Pedro Maris (pedro@phish.nether.net)
Date: 01/11/97

Hi, I just joined this list and I heard from a friend that there were
a number of messages regarding bugs in OasisOLC. If someone could please
forward them to me, if they still have copies of them, it'd be greatly
appreciated. I don't want everyone on the list to get spammed with
repeat messages, so just forward them to this address
(pedro@nether.net) if you could.

Also, I'm not exactly sure what was covered in these messages, so if
this has already been answered, dont bother replying.. but it seems that
on the builder port of my mud that exits and rooms are being moved
around. I haven't changed the default circle world much, just added a
few zones and such, but it seems that somehow the exits east in midgaard
started going to the post office instead of donation and west went into
the tower of magic (or whatever its called). Also, a number of mobs in
the tower started using zone 13 mobs after I started building in zone
13. Nothing in midgaard or the tower has been changed, except for the
odd color addition. So I'm wondering if this has to do with Oasis, I
haven't noticed it happening on the main section of my mud which doesn't
have the OLC added. Anyway, if you could help out, it'd be appreciated.

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