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From: Mike \ (
Date: 01/11/97

Shapeshifter wrote:
> around and running some massive hardware, have you tried hooking up the
> MUD so every sone has a sould file that it plays? Like the desert would
> have some arabian music where as the forest might have animal sounds and
> the singing of crickets? Dark castles would play the eerie Castlevania
> sounds with the wolves howling.
>         We got to talking about this one day in the MUD and it would be
> a wonderful way to add to the background and role playing (as long as
> they had speakers). It would be a lot of work and a lot more CPU space
> that I am able to use right now. Just a thought for those who are in the
> need for something to think about and something else to tinker with.
>                         Lord Kyu...

i recently discovered a much easier way of going about this, its called "pueblo". it 
allows you to transfer the player graphics and music from any mud out there. might wanna 
check it out. i got my copy from
the downside is that only players running the pueblo client could hear it, but i believe 
it is available for download on any of the major OS's, and can be obtained for free, 
however it is  about 4 megs in size, which might deter players from getting it (although 
it only took me about 45 minutes or so, just running it in the background while i was 
busy mudding.) anyways, its something for all you interested to look into. 

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