Re: [CODE] Getting the special procedure active in a room

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/12/97

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Brian Menges wrote:

> Is there any way to tell if a particular special procedure is active
> in a room.  I know 'if(GET_ROOM_SPEC(room) != NULL)' will tell if there
> is a special procedure in the room, but how would I find out which
> one?  Here is my problem:  I have stables on my mud where players
> can store their mounts when they rent.  I am trying to add in crash
> protection for the mounts as well becuase they tend to be a sizeable
> investment.  Because of the way I store the mount information I don't
> want to crash load a mount if the room the mount was last in was a
> room with my stable special procedure.  I hope that makes sense.
> What I want to do is make a check and see if the stable special
> procedure is set on the room before I load the mount.  Any ideas
> on how I can do that?

  if (GET_ROOM_SPEC(room) == function) {


Daniel Koepke
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