Re: MC: GetHostByAddr() vs. Slowns

From: pjh (
Date: 01/13/97

I wouldn't understand why only a single service is hosing the system, but
I found DNS & BIND by O'Reilly & Associates to be a most excellent book.
Not only does it cover setup, installation, and registration, it also has
programming specs, source code, and troubleshooting tips.  You might want
to check your serial# on all your database files and make sure for kicks
they are incremented by one.  That is usually what causes weird situations
like this.


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On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev wrote:

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> Hi,
> Recently I've had some problems with 'lag' on the mud, at least thats what
> I thought it was, till I traced the problem down to the Gethostbyaddr()
> call in comm.c. The interesting part is, that the mud only seems to 'hang'
> in the systemcall on a certain domain/ISP (208.132.119.*). It seems to me,
> that disabling the lookup of hostanmes because of just one domain name
> causing trouble is a little overkill (not to mention causing problems if
> banned sites allso have to be banned by IP ads well as hostname.. etc.).
> What I was wondering about was how to solve the problem with the mud
> beeing 'idled' so to speak, when it tried to look up this certain site.
> First off I was wondering if ther eis an obvious and easy slution to stop
> looking up certain domains, or if there is some sort of 'fixing' i could
> do on my server, like the DNS service at the ISP I run my mud at ?
> Seccondly I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get any
> specifications, like an RFC about how to contact DNS-systems, so I could
> build a 'hostname' lookup procedure similar to the one that the ident
> patch for circle at the ftp site offers, and thus  enabeling the
> possibility of 'lag' in the lookup, that doesn't affect the mud.
> If I missed any other obvious, or not that obviois solutions, please post
> them, as I really want to find the best way to solve the problem (perhaps
> even make some code public *wowo* :) Ofcourse I'd only do that if what I
> made proves to work (better) than what circlemud offers at present.
> Oh yeah, and just because I used the name RFC, it doesn't mean I'm a
> Unix/OS-guru *cackle* So, please try to respond in plain english if you
> can :)
> Thanks in advance,
> Con.
> d.
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