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Date: 01/13/97

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Ron Cole wrote:
> Can anyone explain the difference between the contains and the next_content
> fields in the object data structures?  I'm trying to write a mobprog ifcheck to
> count the quantity of a particular vnum that a character has, and I'm having a
> bit of trouble figuring out how to recurse into the containers.
> Thanks, Ron

The field 'contains' always points to the linked list of objects inside
an object. The 'next_content' always points to the next object within the
inventory of some other entity, like a mob, room, player, or the object
prototype list. In this case, you want to use the 'next_content' to check
a player's inventory, and if you want to check inside those objs, for each
of those objects in the inventory you would then have to examine using

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