Re: [CODE] OasisOLC

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 01/14/97

> Just patched this in so my builders can actually build online, wow what
> a concept. And i noticed that it changes the standard board/message
> editor, is there an easy way to rip the new one out and put the old one
> back in? Or at least make the format the same where they can save by
> putting a @ on a blank line? Thanks in advance.

Yes, I changed mine so it uses "@" commands instead of "/" commands,
primarily because my mud client uses "/" commands and it was annoying to
have to use "//s" etc.  Also, by adding extra case statment next to the
save case, plain old "@" works again.  Just find the statment that looks
something like:

  case 's':

and add this above or below it:

  case '\0':

The code for the editor is in modify.c (I think).


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