[os-win95] gnu32 biz..

From: Jason Walker. (jason.walker@gconnect.com)
Date: 01/14/97

Just a note..

  I was deeply sceptical of all this biz about converting GNU software (tar..
make, patch etc etc) over to MS-DOS / Windows 95.. but as i couldn't use my
second hdd for Linux anymore (and i hate splitting hdd's between 95 / linux
*shudder*) i decided to give it a try.. i couldn't believe i had it going in
under an hour.. even now i have a stock circlemud running in one window..
whilst im typing this and telnetting out at the same time.. it may feel messy
to someone that's used linux in the past.. and it is slower.. but it works and
its free.. thanks for letting me know chris (chris@calligrafix.co.uk)..

CircleMUD compiled fine using this method on a p100, 16mb of ram, 1.7gb hdd,
under Windows 95.

Regards Vexed / Jason Walker.

- We were, fair queen,
-   two lads that thought there was no more behind
-   but such a day to-morrow as to-day,
-   and to be boy eternal.

- Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale.
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