Easy Code Question

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 01/15/97

G'day All,

Q1.T his might be sorta stupid, but I need to add a check to see if the
player is **holding** an item (which i have created of course). What's the
macro for that please ? I couldn't seem to find it (i did look through the

This is for a scribe command, and once this is finished, then i'll post how
i made spells memorisable (a few people wanted to know).

Q2. How do i make a structure equal zero/Null ??

I have this ...

	obj->spell_info =  NULL ;  // 72.
and the error is
C:\Mud Stuff\Circle Mud\src\objsave.c(72) : error C2115: '=' : incompatible

where that structure is defined as (in structs.h)
struct obj_data {
   struct obj_spell_info spell_info;	// The Spell Book Information - Jus
   struct obj_data *in_obj;	// In what object NULL when none    

// This holds some special Magical information - Used for Spell Books - Jus
struct obj_spell_info {
	int tomb_type;						// The type of tomb it is
	int scribed_spells[LARGEST_SPELL_STORAGE];	// An array that holds the

Thanks all.
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