Re: [newbie][code/running]hmm..part 2!

From: Brian Guilbault (
Date: 01/16/97

> From: Dave <>
> remember when I just couldn't autorun cause I kept getting command not
> found?  Well to solve that I ended up using bin/circle 4000 &..and it
> worked, and I didn't see any error messages.  However, when I try to use
> utils now, (and I have read the utils.doc for circle2....)I get command
> found again.  

The solution for this is the same as the colution for the autorun
problem. In some operatins systems, the current directory " . "
is not in the path by default. What this means is that you will
have to type "./<filename>" to run the executable. For example:

./autorun &

The " ./ " means "in the current directory".

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