Re: [Coding]

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/16/97

On 16 Jan 1997, Adam Befeler wrote:

- Where is LVL_BUILDER declared so that I can change it so that level 101
- {LVL_IMMORT}, and above can all build. I have a level 101-110 Immortals. 

Nowhere.  Er, I should say nowhere in stock circle.

This would be a good question to ask whomever implemented your extra
levels, or you could "grep LVL_BUILDER *.[ch]", or you could go straight
to structs.h and change it there.

- Secondly is there a way to use MOBPROGS online, I have read the
- documentation, and it appears to me to be only able to be used offline,
- manually editting the files.

Yes there's a way.  You would have to write your own code to do it, tho,
because as far as I know it's not publically available.  I don't even know
if it's been done.  I would think anyone capable of writing it probably
wouldn't be using the mobprogs patch from the ftp site.


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