Re: Changes not being made, mods to autorun.

From: Kyrian (
Date: 01/16/97

Alternatively you could do this...

change all references to ../bin/circle to ../bin/
in the makefile, and add the following bits to the autorun script, just after
this bit:
  if [ -r .killscript ]; then
    echo "autoscript killed $DATE"  >> syslog
    rm .killscript


  if [ -r bin/ ]; then
    rm bin/circle
    mv bin/ bin/darkmist

Save those changes, and then every time you reboot, if there is a newer 
code version, it automatically gets changed to the currently used version 
of the mud, and you won't have the 'file in use' error.
I think...
I'm sure this was mentioned on the list a while ago, but I've mentioned 
it again anyway... what the hell...

Yours kyrian...

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