[Newbie] Pre-Who Titles.

From: Matthew Bergman (silk@direct.ca)
Date: 01/16/97

Ok I'm trying to add immortal titles to the who listing (and I don't like
the format of the new_do_who.patch) No offense Dan :)  
Ok I've been able to do it this way, but its a pain to add new fields to
the who listing.

this Is what I put in the do_who routine after the two mortal calls for do_who

--- snip ---

switch (GET_LEVEL(tch)) {
        case LVL_IMPL:
        sprintf(buf, "[Implementor] %s %s", GET_NAME(tch), GET_TITLE(tch));
        case LVL_GRGOD:
        sprintf(buf, "[Greater God] %s %s", GET_NAME(tch), GET_TITLE(tch));
        case LVL_GOD:
        sprintf(buf, "[    God    ] %s %s", GET_NAME(tch), GET_TITLE(tch));
        case LVL_IMMORT:
        sprintf(buf, "[  Immortal ] %s %s", GET_NAME(tch), GET_TITLE(tch));

-- snip --

See if for example I was to add my clan code, I would have to go through all the
levels and add the bit for CLAN_NAME, etc...
If anyone knows of an easier way let me know :)
Hasta Lasagna, Don't Get Any On ya!

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