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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 01/16/97

On Thursday, January 16, 1997 11:51 AM, John Barton wrote:
>Along the lines of fair but useful experience caps, does anyone have 
>any ideas on an equation to calculate exp to level that is equally 
>increased?  Not like 1k per level, but more so half of last level 
>plus current total exp divided by level?  Or, can someone explain why 
>the current exp table is set up the way it is, incrementing by the 
>same amount, then doubling, then incrementing by that same amount.  
>This creates different plateau's of exp to gain in order to level 
>which is kind of...odd.  Thanks.

If I could think of one thing that shouldn't be the same on two muds, it'd be the exp.. It would seem
to me that one of your larger tools in the quest for balance would be the awarding of the proper
amount of exp. To that end I have spent more than a few hours trying to find the right solution. 

A couple of my first tries.. 

1) Creating a system where the exp requirement for each level increases in a linear fashion.
    e.g. 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, ...   up to 100 levels.
   Way too easy for the mud I am creating :(

2) Creating an exponential system. I played for an hour with different values.. Ended up with
    a system I didn't like. i.e. first 30 levels easy, last 30 levels way too much

What I decided to use:

Each mob level has a base exp given.  (harder/easier mobs can vary it by +/- 25%)
This requires a fairly extensive set of rules to be followed. If you have an existing world,
it would be a huge challenge. Each mob has a standard issue set of stats, ac, weapon
damage, etc... this can be modified.. but only within limits. This doesn't apply for level
100 mobs.. They are the 'exceptionally' hard mobs.. with the full gamut of abilities.

Players need to kill 25 mobs of their level to advance on average.

Base the exp system on that, insure that low level players don't get a lot of exp from grouping
with high level players.

and.. last but not least. 

Balance the player's ability to kill mobs of their own level.. It should be a challenge. 

That's my recipe. Though I am creating a system much different from many that I have seen,
as magic is not possible, and skills have to take up the slack. In addition I'm trying to allow
quests to give exp, as well as provide a diversion from straight combat. A good many of the
skills are there to facilitate solving quests (interacting with your world) as opposed to killing

I hope you find this helpful. If not, I'm interested in a discussion about it. Flames even, if 
they could be classifed as constructive criticism. :-) 


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