Re: [Code]

From: Anthony J rye (
Date: 01/16/97

On 17 Jan 1997, Adam Befeler wrote:
> I was wondering, I have made the changes to the autowiz.c file, i believe I
> added the names of the God levels there. Then i recompile, and it compiles
> fine, with no errors, and I shutdown and reboot. But there is no change to
> the wizlist, what is wrong. I have tried reloading, all other code that I add
> to other fields of the game is working when i shutdown reboot, or die.
I believe all you changed was the titles for wizlist in that file. but how
i got it. i went into all the file where it calls god, grgod, and imp i
changed to what i had.
the reason you must do this is to properly compile.
oh when you change in shop.c (dont just go into shop.h and change where it
defines grgod.

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