[BUGFIX][CODE]Soren's Portal/Arcane Name

From: doppsoft (doppsoft@junctionnet.com)
Date: 01/17/97

I was playing around with these spells, and I noticed that one of my 
personal rooms couldn't create a proper portal (I modified it to make 
portal objects between the rooms)  It seemed to work fine for all the 
other rooms I tried.  So I put in a debug to find what was going on.  My 
room # was 18390.  All it decoded was 183.  I tried lots of other rooms, 
then I tried 18389 to see if it was a 'limit' problem.  It decoded 1838.  
Now, I think some of you might see it already.  So I checked out room 
190.  All it decoded was 1.  Now, if you can't see it, I will tell you: 
9's tripped it up.  Here is the offending code:

 for (nr = 0; nr < 5;nr++) 
  arc_found = FALSE;
  icount = 0;
  for (icount = 0; icount < 9;icount++) 
  {                        ^^
   if (!arc_found) 

See that 9?  The one with the ^^'s under it?  Change it to a 10.  That's 
all.  :)

Pretty good, now I got 2 notches for the development of this spell combo, 
one for the tar_str, and one for bug finding.  <snicker>

Ryan, the nutso programmer (who is finally getting over his strep throat 
and sinus infection)
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