gdb man page (NOT on unix)
Date: 01/17/97

Umm.. I'm having a NASTY crash bug that seems to 
occur most often after zone_reset.. I've got most of the
functions in heartbeat() in comm.c flagged to log() 
where they are at in the code.. no avail.. I can't track
it down.. so, I'm going to compile with gdb enabled.

My problem?  I'm not on UNIX.  I'm on OS/2, running the emx
ports of the more-common unix utils, including gcc and gdb.
I don't have any man pages for gdb, so i'm kinda stuck.

Any pages/docs available on the net, or should I go avail
myself of a UNIX book from the store? (My unix skills are 
limited to "ls, cd, ps, and grep").

Thanks.. (flames to me for my own stupidity, not the list..:)

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