From: Justin Rio (c616077@showme.missouri.edu)
Date: 01/17/97

Running circle 3.0 patch 11.  At the ftp site in the contrib/doc
directory, some nice fellow put in documents on how to add races, classes,
and levels.  I was adding a class following his instructions.  Course, I
got some compiling errors, commas and stuff like that I fixed, but here's
the one that won't go away and has me stumped.
code snip: (471)int invalid_class(struct char_data *ch, struct obj_data
*obj) {
      blah blah CLERIC ||
      blah blah WARRIOR ||
      blah blah THIEF ||
      blah blah BRUTE /*my class*/
	return 1;
	return 0;

compiling error:(0476)  (((((obj)->obj_flags.extra_flags) & ((1 << 17))))
&& (!((((((ch)->char_specials.saved.act)) & ((1 << 3)))) &&
(((ch)->player.class) == 4))))
	line 475 of "class.c":(error #67) Improper use of "extra_flags",
only a function reference is valid here.

Yes, the blah blah's are exactly the same, except for the extra ) at the
end of the brute's line.  Best this non-coder cas see, the compiler has
replaced the stuff in the coded lines with what they would be while
running, and not liked what it got.  But since all the lines call the same
things, and I've done _all_ the other code changes listed in class.doc
(which, btw, was written by Jesper M. Donnis, aka Droid), why is it
getting an errror?  Aren't the thief, mage, etc lines calling the same

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