From: Adam Befeler (Adam_Befeler@pds.k12.nj.us)
Date: 01/17/97


I am trying to make an Implementor only board, and I have added a board to
the object files, as {3095} fashioned after the Immortal Board. Then I added
the 5th board thing to boards.h, under the number of boards thing. Then I
added it in boards.c and declared it so that LVL_IMPL for everything was the
lowest exactly alike the other boards. Finally I added it to spec_assign.c
the same way as the other boards. Then I re-compiled error free. And rebooted
the MUD, then I loaded the board and tried to "l board". It says  Use "look
board" to view the board.... or something like that. That is a message under
the extra description thing.  What is wrong?


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