Re: Shelling?

From: AxL (
Date: 01/17/97

> > are MUCH better ways of accessing the mud account than going through the
> > mud, assuming you have the password to the account.
> Not to mention the EXTEME danger in this. Imagine your builder has access 
> to this shell command. you get in an argument with him, he opts for 
> revenge, but he doesnt know the password to actually telnet to your 
> machine and login to the mud account. Why should he, hes not a coder.
> But now thers this shell command:
>  > Shell
> rm *
> bye bye mud for good. even gest your backups unless youve copied them 
> offline. 
> I dont know, but allowing direct access to your computers shell via the 
> MUD is the kindof thing id fire any of my coders on the spot for adding.

	Exactly where is this shell command going to "drop to" ?  You
would have to implicitly  define a login connection at that point to a
specific shell account, it's not going to shell anywhere by default.
	This is more directed to the original poster, whose name I have
lost unforunately...but what is going to be the intention of this 
command?  Maybe we can figure it out more from there.
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