From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 01/18/97

On Saturday, January 18, 1997 12:31 AM, John S. Henosn wrote:
>Ok I've Got Circle it self Set up and Running with MSVC. What DO I have
>to do to get OASIS OLC to work. I know I put the *.c and *.h in the
>Project but do i still need to Modify my Code for the Files that the
>Makefile would Edit or is there some way for me to get Past this?

I assume you ran the patch? if you don't have such a program one can be obtained from Patch Program/

The makefile doesn't edit anything. .It's just a file.. and totally unnecessary for MSVC. If you are
having problems getting oasis to work look for the .REJ files .. (sometimes *.# as well. ) ignore
all entries in the patch for Makefile.

Once you figure out what didn't take, you should be set. 

If you have questions about a specific piece of code you think is causing the error, try to post the
relevant section and I'll try to compare it to mine.. in an effort to see what it is that you're missing.


>		-John
>Gary Barnett wrote:
>> On Friday, January 17, 1997 5:41 PM, John S. Henosn wrote:
>> >I'm running Win95 and Circle Mud Compiled Fine. Infact It works
>> >Perfectly. I just want to put the Oasis OLC on it. Because MSVC 4.0
>> >Won't let me use The Makefile that's Included in Oasis OLC I have to
>> >edit the Code in My self. But there's a Problem with the interpreter.c
>> >File. I'm not sure what to do with it. I thinking I need a new Makefile
>> >but I'm not sure how to go about that one, or I need to see what
>> >someone's interpreter.c file looks like that's got all the Oasis OLC
>> >code in it.
>> 1) Makefile and MS VC 4.x   -- Don't need one. Compile inside the ide and save yourself a bunch of time.
>>     Create a console app project, add the wsock32.lib to it, and the circle version will compile
>>     w/o problems. Completely automatic dependency checking. (No flames for bugs in it.. It is after all
>>     made by our favorite software developer in Redmond *sic*.. It works for me, regardless. :-) )
>> 2) I'm confused as to what the makefile has to do with interpreter.c.. Oasis makes several changes to
>>    interpreter.c, and I seem to remember having to mess with it a bit to get it to fit.. nothing too severe.
>> If you were to post the relevant sections (and the relevant compile-time errors)  a lot more help could
>> be obtained.
>> I'd post my code, but after an ascii-player file conversion (and all the related details) interpreter.c looks
>> quite different these days...
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