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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/20/97

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Ray Campbell wrote:

> Heyas, I got a little question that prolly can be answered by a yes/no
> question (hopefully)...I wanna know if I can make a skil/spell RACE
> specific, like in class.c make a seperate function to give a particular
> race a set of spells and skills so that no other class could get them
> unless they where this race.  My hypothesis was to write this:
> /* Arachnid */

No, you can't.  The RACE_ defines most likely have the same numbers
as the class defines (eg., RACE_HUMAN==0, CLASS_MAGIC_USER==0), so
there's no way to tell the difference between them, thus RACE_ARACHNID
would either be determined as a class (if it's within the range of
classes), or cause an error.

The solution, then, is to make a seperate function that sets a spell
race dependant, and change the spell structure in spells.h to support
this.  Add the following to the spell structure:

   // instead of the below you may have to use 'bool race_dependant;'
   int race_dependant : 1;
   int valid_races;

We are going to use 'valid_races' as a bitvector.  This will be a
problem if you have more than 32 classes, but since Erik is working
on his bitv array (or is he finished?), this won't be a problem for
too long.  His idea worked in my from-the-ground-up MUD, I know the
theory works, but it'll probably be harder in CircleMUD, which has
a lot more code in it than I do, yet.

Now, in spell_parser.c, add the following:

  void spell_race(int skillnum, int race) {
    if (skillnum <= 0 || skillnum > MAX_SKILLS)
    if (race < 0 || race >= NUM_RACES)

    spell_info[skillnum].race_dependant = 1;
    SET_BIT(spell_info[skillnum].valid_races, (1 << race));

You might want to change spello() to set 'race_dependant' to 0.  Then
always have the spell_race() call follow it.  Just for safety.

Now in the practice spec procs (see beginning of spec_procs.c), you
have to check if the person's *race* has the spell, too.  So, for
instance, find code *similar* (I don't have access to the code at this
time, so I'm guessing how the stock code looks) to this:

  if (spell_info[i].min_level[(int)GET_CLASS(ch)] <= GET_LEVEL(ch))

..and before it, add an 'if' check like so:

  if (spell_info[i].race_dependant &&
      !IS_SET(spell_info[i].valid_races, (1 << GET_RACE(ch))))

For the spell listing routine, the 'i' is the variable you want, and
you want the 'if' to continue.  For the actual practice routine, you
want to send a message and return.

I'm probably making this sound a lot harder than it is...

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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