Re: [code][long]wpn.w.spell.patch and obuild.06

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/20/97

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Ghost Shaidan wrote:

- I recently downloaded the wpn.w.spell.patch and it patched in almost
- seemlessly.  (we put in mult attacks so i had to patch in the fight.c part
- by hand).
- I want it to work in obuild.  I added the following:
- So i can type oset isnum1 54 islev1 200 isper1 100 and it will say, ok
- like it worked, but when i osave, and check the .obj file...
- Nothing, and if i edit it manually, and edit any object in that zone, the
- extra lines are gone..

Looks like the parts you've added are correct.  The problem is that
there's more to adding weapon spells to an object in obuild than just
setting the variables.  You'll also have to add those variables to
copy_object, where it copies your object from the prototype space you were
editing it in to the actual object prototype.  You'll also need to add it
to objs_to_file, so obuild knows how to write it to disk.  I think once
you change those two functions, new spells will save, and the old ones
won't be trashed every time you save an object in that zone.


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