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From: Edward Almasy (
Date: 01/20/97

Chris Warren writes:
> I agree, if updates came out in frequent small 'STEPS', I would feel compelled
> to use them as they came out. This would drain all my time: Just imagine havin
> to put all the patches and your own code in AGAIN every month. I can tell you
> that I would have no time to write new code. Its definately better having say
> two big releases a year.

There are two big advantages to smaller, incremental releases:  1)
because of the nature of the "patch" program, smaller changes are much
more likely to merge in without any manual intervention, and  2) with
more frequent releases bug fixes can be incorporated as they come up,
improving the signal-to-noise ratio on this mailing list.

I would prefer smaller, more frequent updates.  As it is we're pretty
much guaranteed to have to manually incorporate any updates because the
changes they represent are such a large leap from the previous revision.

The Ninth Circle ( 5000)

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