Nasty little ^M^M's!
Date: 01/20/97

This is a problem I've had for some time now, but never has it been this
annoying... It started when I put a couple more strings in some of my 
world files, and now has become a problem when I wrote ASCII pfile code for
my mud.. Ok, here is the problem:  On a lot of strings that I print to files,
I get two ^M's after the string.. This was never really a problem before, but
now it is doing it to the password string in my pfiles, and since we 
can't input ^M to the mud, it becomes impossible to get your password right..
I was just wondering, how could I better print this to a file, so I might 
avoid this little problem..

Here is some of the code that it appends the ^M's to..

  fprintf(fl, "Title: %s\r\n", GET_TITLE(ch));

  if (POOFIN(ch))
    fprintf(fl, "Poofin: %s\r\n", POOFIN(ch));
  if (POOFOUT(ch))
    fprintf(fl, "Poofout: %s\r\n", POOFOUT(ch));

It appends ^M's in all three of these cases.. Any help or suggestions
are greatly appreciated.

Pegasus of OnyxMUD

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