Re: Mobprogs and Spellcasting

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (
Date: 01/20/97

>> >fight_prog 90~
>> tell $n I will kill you!
>> cast 'fireball" $n

Sorry, I meant single quotes, this is what I have---->  case 'fireball' $n
If this is not the way, how do I go about cating spells with mobprogs?

>should work....
>> |
>> The tell was just to see if the function was being called, so now I ask,
>> why is the spell not being cast.  Obviously I can't debug via switch, due
>> to the safety implimented, so can someone tell me why it won't cast?
>> Thanks!!!
>> P.S.  It would be really nice if someone could post a couple example progs,
>> mabye covering all the triggers and other stuff.  Thanks!

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