Re: Exp to Level Algorithm

From: William Elwartowski (Elwartows_wl@RSCC.CC.TN.US)
Date: 01/21/97

David A. Carver wrote:
> > Along the lines of fair but useful experience caps, does anyone have
> > any ideas on an equation to calculate exp to level that is equally
> > increased? 


> level of player * 2000 * level modifier * class modifier.

> Class Modifier is a number based on a characters Class.  The theory
> is that it should take a Wizard or Cleric less experience to get to
> the same level than it would take a Warrior or Ranger.  I started
> Wizards at 1.1 and Rangers at 1.8.  This is a constant.
> I had to play around with the Level Modifier until I got something
> that looks like it will work reasonably well.
The formula I use for the exp table is..
#include <math.h>
extern double log(x as double);

The problem is that all of the mob files must have their Exp adjusted 
to match.

also I had to manually put the table in because linux's log function 
is broken :(

I think I may add the class/race modifiers to the formula as well.
If I can fix the log();


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