Levels not that easily implemented

From: Dean Kao (dkao@eagle.netusa.com)
Date: 01/21/97

Thanks to those who replied to my question about raising levels.  Now 
besides the so obvious..
I am attempting to go beyond the unsigned char so which means I have to 
put in int.  The question is when I do implement a different data type, 
compile and try to enter the game (new with no player base), I create my 
character and it crashes.  This is not just with int.  Unsigned char 
(ubyte) has the same results.  Any solutions?  Also, what other changes 
might I need?  I would think that a char written to a file would not be 
the same as writing an int to a file.  Know what specific files I would 
need to make changes to?
Thanks a lot

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