[Code] mail system

From: Mehdi Keddache (kam@shallot.salad.mssm.edu)
Date: 01/21/97

This is my first post, I am all excited!
I use stock code with oasisolc and the enhanced editor
when i send mail the system stops the mud process and returns a message
saying that ASSERTION FAILED: mail.c line 208
this is the line and the preceeding one:
207:  assert(sizeof(header_block_type) == sizeof(data_block_type));
208:  assert(sizeof(header_block_type) == BLOCK_SIZE);

i simply commented 208 and the problem is fixed!! (mail can be sent)
Now my question is:
Anyone has a clue about the consequences? I'd like to know what assert
does but you don't have to answer that.

Mehdi Keddache from NYC

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