Re: [Code] mail system

From: R. E. Paret (
Date: 01/22/97

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:
> Tests if an assertion is false, and if so, aborts.  Similar to:
>   if (sizeof(header_block_type) != BLOCK_SIZE) {
>     fprintf(stdout, "ASSERTION FAILED: mail.c line 208\n");
>     abort();
>   }
> I dunno the reasoning for the assert() in the stock code.

As you are probably well aware, asserts are a great way to test your 
code, usually after its out of your hands.  Which would you prefer, an 
end-user calling you up and saying "When I do xyz it says Segmentation 
fault, core dumped and stops working", or an end-user calling you up and 
telling you that the program says "Assert failed in module abc line xxx". 
If you know where the bug is immediately, its a lot easier to fix. :) 
This assert is probably to make sure that there is enough scratch space 
for the mail to be sent, however I've never seen it happen before, and so 
my premise would be that the cause of the assert failure would be 
something other than stock circle code (probably that nasty OasisOLC 
patch :) )


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