[NEWBIE] Random Quest

From: JEREMY IRISH (JIRISH@rcksuni1.is.ge.com)
Date: 01/22/97


Basically, what I want to do is make a random number, check if a mobile has that number and 
exists in the world, and return the mobile to make checks on it (AFF_NOSUMMON, etc). As a 
newbie, I'm having a terrible time with this. This code will eventually be used for random 

I'm also at work now, so I'm going to have to sketch out the basics here without the code in 
front of me:


    for (mcounter = 0; mcounter < 99999; mcounter ++)
        mob_vnum = number(50, 32600);

        if ( (vsearch = mob_index[mob_vnum].virtual ) != NULL )
                        this is wrong

            level_diff = GET_LEVEL(vsearch) - GET_LEVEL(ch);

            if (((GET_LEVEL(vsearch) < 34 && level_diff > -4)

                else vsearch = NULL;

I'll be happy to share this if it ever gets done!


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