Clan code missing something else =)

From: Nic Suzor (
Date: 01/23/97

just running through the code, a couple of minor errors, basically on the
line of too few args to save_char, so i changed from save_char(vict) to
save_char(vict, NOWHERE).

save_char_file_u wasnt prototyped at the start of clan.c

now, what i cant work out, is a is_playing function

ive grep'd thru the source, i cant find it anywhere, heres the code that
went with it:

     for (j = 0; j <= top_of_p_table; j++){
>>>    if((victim=is_playing((player_table +j)->name))) {
         if(GET_CLAN(victim)==clan[i].id) {
           save_char(victim, NOWHERE); } }
     else {

what should i define this function as, or can i just use something else
there ?


Nic Suzor
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