[CODE] Hiding Levels

From: Brian Guilbault (guil9964@nova.gmi.edu)
Date: 01/23/97

Hi All-

I have a question that I guess it more of a C question that I haven't
been able to figure out. I have been hiding levels from other 
characters in the who list and group list and all those fun places.
I have decided what I want to do is show levels to ehm, but give
the option of an "anonymous" command which will show " -- " for
their level if they have it on. I got the command working fine, but
here's my problem.

I tried to do something like this:


But that won't work because the space holder in the statement
is expecting an int and -- is a string. Is there anyway I can make
this work without having to do something like this (which is horribly

  [ -- race class ]
  [ level race class]

It just seems that doing that for every person on the who list
every time someone types "who" would be pretty processor

Help is appreciated,

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