the zone doesn't respond to zlist

From: bb (
Date: 01/22/97

  As much as i've gone through on my mud, i never ever did figure out wtf
makes certain zones sometimes no longer respond to 'zlist o|m|r'  , part
of act.obuild.c (one of the few cmds i saved:)..    

  and i'm just wondering if anyone has pin-pointed what makes this

(help prompt) mud: zl r
Rooms in zone #-1:

    0 - The Void

(help prompt) mud: zl m
Mobs in zone #-1:


(help prompt) mud: zl o
Objects in zone #-1:

    0 - a bug

this is zone #120:)   i recreated the zone file, checked all my index's..

*shrug*      hehe this never created a big problem before, but i guess you
could say this time it's starting to get on my nerves:)

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